Your Future is Not Determined by Your Circumstance — Devotional



Your tomorrow will not be determined by what happened to you yesterday!

Your tomorrow will be determined by what you believe about God.

Too often we allow the hurts, failures, pains, and offenses in the rear view mirror to send us into the ditch to stay. We run off the road easily when we try to move forward while looking back.

You can get by with a backward glimpse to be reminded of where you have been. But DO NOT stare and fixate on the road behind you.

Paul encouraged his friends in Philippi to forget those things behind and move forward. He gave them the key–FIX YOUR EYES UPWARD! The upward look is the only thing that can give you a profitable forward march.

Let me give you three little nuggets that say the same thing in a different way. Just pack them away in your mental knapsack and meditate on them:

  1. Your honest faith in God will always win the day.
  2. What someone does to you can never outdo what God can do for you.
  3. In spite of your weaknesses, continue trusting that God loves you–you will prevail.

RearviewwebBecause God is God and there are no unseen variables that will change this fact, it is He Who will determine the outcome of your life. In His grace, He allows us to draw upon the power He possesses so that the outcome puts us in the winner’s circle of life.

Think of His grace as His power given to you to succeed in life–the life He has chosen for you. We really need grace just to survive. But, the grace given to help us survive is given to us that we might ultimately succeed in life.

No matter the circumstance you are in right now, it is grace given to you by God, that will bring you up and out. You are not going to be defeated in life. God’s grace will enable you to rise up and move forward beyond what you ever imagined. You may be hurt, weak, and struggling right now, but with faith in God, grace is on the way. Get ready to conquer because God’s love never fails.

The awesome wonderful thing about grace is:

  • There is an inexhaustible supply of it.
  • It is made for weak folks who are desperate for it.
  • It is given because God loves us.
  • It is always more powerful than what we are facing.
  • It is like the phone booth where Clark Kent is transformed into Superman.

I could go on with the list, but you get the picture. Remember, your tomorrow is determined by what you believe about God. Believe in a loving, forgiving, grace-giving God.


Look at Jesus and the cross and you will see, that’s just the kind of God He Is!

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