Wineskinology 101 — Sermon Series



I started a new series at Grace House where I minister entitled Wineskinology 101.

As the title implies, it focuses on the study of wineskins. Jesus taught that people do not put new wine into old wineskins without suffering the loss of the wine. (Matthew 9:16ff)

Here is a list of thoughts I brought out in my first teaching in this series, you can add to to it and make it into a really good teaching:

1. The People Jesus was Addressing
He was responding to a question from the disciples of John the Baptist regarding why Jesus’ disciples did not fast like they and the Pharisees did. Of course, John the Baptist and his disciples represented a season of transition from the Old to the New. The Pharisees represented the group that had frozen in a strict and rigid religious structure that was works focused. Rule, regs, and do’s and don’t’s ruled their lives.

                    -People still rooted in the Old Structure plus what they had added (They fully refused to accept change)
                    -People whom God had called to forerun and begin the shift from the old to the new (They were somewhat reluctant)
                    -Jesus disciples who had taken the step to shift to the new (They were ready)

2. The Picture Jesus Shares

Jesus actually shared two pictures to illustrate his point.

A. You don’t sew a new piece of fabric onto an old piece of fabric. The new will shrink and tear the old.

B. You don’t put new wine in old wineskins or the new wine will burst the old skin.

Applications: The new fabric is affected by the change it faces. It shrinks. The new wineskin is affected by the process necessary for new wine to go through to reach maturity and fullness of flavor. It has to stretch.

There will be seasons in our lives when God is shifting things. We enter new seasons. To get the fullness out of it and to allow it to go through God’s ordained process, we will have to experience shrinking and stretching. If we are not flexible, then we will experience lost and waste.

-Describe the shrinking season (when we are being pruned and turning things loose)

-Describe the stretching season (when we experience expansion in the midst of turbulence)

3. The Purpose of the Wineskin

This is the real heart of the matter. Wineskins had one purpose–to contain the wine.

The important issue was the purpose of the wine. It was for people to drink.

If the wineskin burst, then the wine was wasted. People would not drink.

We are called to carry the new wine. The fullness of the life of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are to be full of this (Eph.5:18). We are to carry it and allow God to use us to see this poured into the lives of other people. We must understand that to carry it, God will deal with areas were we need to shrink and others were we need to stretch.

The goal is that other people will be able to receive of this grace through our lives.Think of it in terms of the how they drank from the wine Jesus offered. We are called to carry the same wine.

There are just times that God will not do what He desires to do through an old structure or an old method. We must not serve the wineskin. We were born again to serve the new wine to thirsty people.




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