Why Did the Fat Belong to the Lord?


In the Old Testament when the sacrificial requirements were set forth in the Book of Leviticus, why was it specified that the fat belonged to the Lord? Why did God require the fat? This is a good question to challenge you to put together a good teaching.

This is on my mind, because last night we were in a restaurant and enjoying a good steak. The manager of the restaurant had stopped at our table and she was sharing that the ribeye steak was her favorite because it had marbled fat that ran through it. It was at this point, that one of our friends who was with us spoke up and jokingly told her, “That’s good because the Lord likes the fat!” I chimed in and said, “That’s right, the fat belongs to the Lord!” I then added, “That means a whole lot of me belongs to the Lord!” We all had a good laugh.

Seriously, why does the fat belong to the Lord? Fat is what is produced when something has had more than enough. Could this be a principle? I am going to study this some more. Why don’t you?

If some of you come up with a good outline or some good bullet points on this, submit them to me, and I’ll post them for everybody to enjoy. Blessings and let the Lord have the fat!

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  1. Joel says:

    Dear One,
    Leviticus 3:17.
    GOD loves us soo much that he did not want us to eat Fat, lest we might get heart problems and heart attacks..
    GOD asked to burn the fat as a sacrifise.. with a smell that is pleasing to HIM…  I do not think that HE wants to eat it because he is never HUNGRY… cause HE owns Manna.
    FAT resembles Storage.. HE do not want us to store Food for us, because HE is our Provider and HE supplies our Needs and HE is on time GOD who gives food for us..
    GOD loves us.. HE gave us every thing execpt fat which is Not Good for us..
    May GOD bless you..!

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