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What is grace? What a simple yet powerful question! The answer you give to that question will tell you a lot concerning what you really believe about God. How the answer is witnessed in your own life will also tell you a lot about how deeply you really believe what you think you believe. Don’t mean to confuse you, but I do think sometimes we get confused when it comes to grace.

Let’s begin to think about what grace is by considering what it is not.

Grace is not:

  • condoning sin
  • ignoring sin
  • minimizing sin
  • changing God’s standard for holiness
  • a cavalier attitude toward sin
  • bragging about our sin
  • excusing our sin for whatever reason…
  • Any behavior, attitude, or response contrary to how Jesus lived
  • An unrepentant heart toward sin

Also, grace is not:

  • condemning the sinner
  • ignoring the sinner
  • minimizing the pain the sinner experiences
  • acting unholy when we have to deal with unholiness
  • a cavalier attitude about our self-righteousness
  • bragging about how we have not sinned
  • excusing our sinful responses to those who have sinned for whatever reason…
  • Any behavior, attitude, or response toward sinners contrary to how Jesus lived
  • Refusing to respond to repentance

Grace is:

  • A gift that you choose to give, just like God did and does
  • Freely given, it does not have to be earned or bought by us
  • Seeing the destruction in sin while seeing the value in the sinner
  • Providing correction to deal with the sin while providing mercy for the sinner
  • Tons of acceptance of the person and pardon for the sin
  • The willingness to suffer loss and pain so that others can find restoration and peace
  • The gift of forgiveness expressed
  • The gift of mercy extended
  • The offer of hope for the future
  • The presence of love in the present
  • Refusing to accuse
  • An eagerness to intercede
  • Choosing life over death
  • An humble heart truly grateful for what it has received
  • Choosing to live like Jesus even if it costs us what it cost him
  • Looking for people hiding in their shame
  • Going to war against the enemy who seeks to destroy us all
  • What we get from God that we do not find in ourselves
  • Living with truth and mercy as our friends
  • Acknowledging that religious shallowness is more concerned about what people think than what God thinks and is the same stuff Paul counted as manure (That’s the clean version of what we rednecks call CRAP! Pardon me if this is offensive but no use trying to whitewash it).
  • Grace loves and extends mercy to people covered with religious manure because it too is a sin for which Jesus died in order to extend us GRACE!
  • Invited by our repentance and humility.


  • Where sin abounds there is an opportunity for much grace to abound.
  • We do not choose to live in sin in order to get more grace.
  • We realize that it is the power of God working through grace that brings freedom to our hearts which have been enslaved to sin.
  • We all need grace because we all stink without it!

The Grace Question:

In order to keep the compass of our hearts pointing toward God, we must always ask the question, "How did Jesus respond to people who experienced a need for grace in their lives?"  Afer all, he was full of grace and truth,

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  1. I find your list covers a good deal of the key elements concerning grace. It deals with both sides of the coin in that you outline what it is and is not. Simply put, grace is an opportunity from Our Heavenly Father to accept His assistance in being counted righteous. it is very much a gift that we could never earn and he has no real reason to give us. Due to His will to love us, and nothing more; some of us might be saved.


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