Welcomed by Grace — Devotional


How do you describe being confronted by God in your sin, cleansed, and then swept into the arms of grace?

Sheer delight?

Staggering and stunning?


Yes, yes, yes! It’s like Eve who was bent over in shame thinking she had given away the family farm and then hearing God declare to the devil, "I will use the seed of this woman to defeat you!" Wow!

Remember the Rocky movies? Beat to a pulp for 14 rounds-then delivering the knock blow to the opponent. This is the power of grace. Grace assures us of God’s power in our weakness. By the way, we all have weakness.

I remember my first mission trip over 25 years ago. I was a young man and it was my first trip overseas. Eighteen days in a foreign country on the West Coast of Africa. Primitive huts, outdoor toilets, no running water, the smell of garbage, crowded streets, pot-holed roads….you get the picture. More than one night as I lay under my mosquito netting, warm tears trickled down my cheeks as I lay in the African darkness thinking of home.

I missed my wife.

I missed my newborn son.

I missed water that I could drink without suspicion.

I missed my shower.

I missed food that I could recognize.

I missed my bed.


The day came for our return trip. The plane we were to board in Port Harcourt, Nigeria crashed killing a bunch of people. The news was reported back here in the States. My wife, Mikki, heard it on her car radio driving home from work. No one knew for sure if we were on it or not. Mikki spent hours not knowing if I were dead or alive. Finally, upon reaching Europe, I was able to telephone home after eighteen days. She answered the phone. "Hello!" she said. I responded, "Mikki" and then – CLICK! – we were disconnected. She heard my voice and knew I was alive. I heard her voice and was instantly refreshed. We wanted more, but it was enough. Just like grace, it was sufficient for the moment.

The group I had traveled with sang Amazing Grace on the airplane as we neared the Atlanta airport upon our return.Then it happened, we landed back in the good ole USA. We kissed the ground as we exited the plane.

After my dangerous adventure away from home, I had finally returned. We flew back to Huntsville, Alabama and I anxiously watched the corridor of the airport looking for my wife’s face.

We saw each other.

We quickened our pace.

We embraced.

Nothing compares to the feeling of being swept into the arms of someone who loves you. Safe. Secure. Peaceful. Joyful. Restful. Hopeful. LOVED and ACCEPTED. This is a little taste of what it is like to be welcomed home by grace. God always welcomes those who return home into His omnipotent arms of grace. He promises to always give us grace when we come to Him in our time of need.

Have you been away from where grace lives in dangerous places?

Do you need grace?

Head home–to Father’s house and you will most assuredly be welcomed by grace. There’s nothing like it and nothing we all need more. Be careful that you don’t stay away so long that you forget how good grace is. It would be sad to live in a land separated from grace fo so long that you begin to think it’s home.

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