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My oldest son was married just a few months ago. At the ceremony which I officiated I shared as most ministers do, a brief message as a charge to them before they exchanged their vows. Following is a brief outline of the message which may be something you could use as well.

A Good Foundation for Your Marriage

I will briefly share five components of a strong foundation for your marriage. Keep these in your hearts and minds as you move into the future together. They will safeguard you against breakdown in your relationship with one another,

  1. Fellowship — Fellowship with God, fellowship with God’s people, fellowship with each other
  2. Friendship — The need to relate on a deep level to each other in Spirit, Soul, and Body, loving and liking each other, enjoying time together, learning each other’s love language
  3. Forgiveness — As we all have heard, a good marriage is made of two good forgivers. Quickly deal with resentment, bitterness, contention,etc
  4. Favor — Live in a way to invite the favor of God upon your lives. Favor will bring you what money can’t buy. Favor will do for you what men can’t do.
  5. Fun — Enjoy each day. Don’t lose the joy of the moment for the hope of something later. Jesus came that we might have joy and plenty of it. Don’t allow life’s circumstances to steal your joy.


By the way, do keep it brief!




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  1. Reverend A. Pratapsingh says:

    Thanks for this brief outline. I was invited to solemnize a wedding at a very short notice – 3 hours – it could not be refused. I searched for and found yours at the very first search. It helped me greatly – the couple enjoyed the sermon – the people rejoiced and I was satisfied. Thank you very much, and to God be the glory!!

    Pastor A. Pratapsingh
    Trinity Full Gospel Church
    5 Raji Street
    Chennai – 600023, INDIA

  2. john thomas says:

    hi thanks for the brief outline of wedding sermon , iam brimming with ideas as im about to share in a wedding in just few hours time , thank u

  3. Nick says:

    This a very nice outline of the marriage lifestyle. It is all very Biblically alligned and simple. I commend you for these ideas. As a connoisseur of good sermons I delight in this. With your permission I intend to use it some time. Blessings from Antigua

  4. wesley Hospet says:

    wonderful thought about perfect marriage Life. thanks

  5. Rev.Capt.James Njue says:

    thank you alot for the outline, it has really helped me to preach my first sermon at a wedding.May the Lord bless and increase you greatly.

  6. D.Samuel raj says:

    Dear brother
    Greetings.Please pray for India.
    samuel raj minister
    sathy christ church

  7. wilson william p says:

    Very nice outline… The five Fs are very very necessary for wedded couples.. Definitely I will be using this beautiful outline in some wedding. Thank you very Much.. 

  8. Thank you Pastor and may God bless you. Am blessed by this outline.

  9. robert casis says:

    i just got my licensed to solemnized a wedding, and with outline, it will be a great message for my first "wedding day"!
    thank you, GOD bless

  10. Staff says:

    So awesome Robert. Blessings.

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