Vinegar Christians — Wineskinology 101 (Pt. 2)



Vinegar Christians
Wineskinology 101 (Pt.2)

This is the second lesson in a series entitled Wineskinology 101 (The study of wineskins). The foundational text for this teaching is found in Matthew 9:14-16. I approached this teaching with the basics of wine making in mind:

The grape is crushed.
The juice is spilled.
Yeast is added.
The juice is put in a wineskin (container).
The contents go through fermentation.(about 6-8 weeks)
The wine is ready.
The top is removed.
The wine is poured out.
People celebrate.

I applied this to the what Jesus went through. Remember in the upper room he told them as they shared what we call the Last Supper that this (wine) represents my blood of the New Testament.

He was sinless, yet he was bruised, beaten, sliced up, trampled upon and his blood was spilled.
Then our sin (yeast) was added to him.
His body was them contained in a tomb.
All kind of shifting was taking place concerning what God was doing in the earth.
After 50 days the new wine was ready to be poured out.
On Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out. People even accused them of drinking too much.
There was a great party that started in the kingdom.

Other insights to bring out: -Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine. He saves the best wine for last. He used the ceremonial handwashing pots that contained the uncleanness of man and filled them with new wine to share with all.
-Question, Do you know what old wine is? It is new wine that was never shared. Jesus is able to make new wine with the qualities of the old wine.He does this because he wants it shared.

 You will be one of the three following kinds of Christians in regard to wine and wineskins:

1. A Vinegar Christian
Vinegar is just wine that has soured. This is wine Jesus refused on the cross.Even in his crucifixion he was forgiving and helping others. The Vinegar Christian has been hurt and refuses to heal. The Vinegar Christian pours sour wine on others. It is distasteful and unwanted by most people. It may have some good in it, but you have to put up with a lot to get the benefit of the good.

2. A Victim Christian
The Victim Christian has been wounded and hurt. But because they refuse to accept repsonsibility for their own actions and reactions, they blame someone else for their issues or problems. It’s interesting that Jesus could have blamed others but he refused. Instead he forgave. Too often we try to escape having to deal with our own stuff by blaming others for what has happened to us. Even when someone else has hurt us, we choose whether we are going to heal or pass on the hurt. The cross is all about Forgiveness and new beginnings. The cross is a place of death and letting go.

3. A Victorious Christian
The Victorious Christian learns to draw from the life flow of Christ through the Holy Spirit. They walk through their season of woundedness with its pain, its tomb, its period of hiddeness and unseenness until at last resurrection power begins to work. And continuing on from there they learn to accend into the deep place of the Father’s love. It is then they are able to fully recognize the heart of the Father. Then when they pour into someone else, it is sweet wine with a full robust flavor. They are filled with overflowing joy.
Which one are you?  

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