Three Simple Steps That Will Change Your Day


A couple of years back on a Sunday evening I shared a simple little message that I still hear people referring to. I have a preacher friend who regularly shares the message in his travels because it has so affected him. Don’t ready yourself for some big revelation. It is so simple and you have probably preached from the passage many times. Yet, the way I phrased it has allowed people to hang onto it and use it effectively in their daily lives. All of we preachers need to work harder to make our preaching simpler.

The simple outline is from 1Thessalonians 5:16-18

You can adjust the title to your liking of course:

Three Truths, Three Steps, Three Attitudes, Three Decisions, etc.

Here are the points:

Three Simple Truths that Will Change Your Day!

I. Be Joyful!
II. Be Prayerful!
III. Be Thankful!

These simple challenges are life changing if we will take them to heart and decide that this is the kind of person we are going  to be. The Holy Spirit will supply us the grace to do them because this is how we are commanded to live. Share it and see what your folks think.

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