Three Pointers for Preachers (1) — Tips and Advice


Three Pointers for Preachers (1)

Hey Preachers,

From time to time, I will be offering some simple little encouragements to you with the goal of helping you to remember the little things that can make a big difference in your preaching. Here we go:

The world news organizations do a good job of letting people know how "Bad" it is. Your role is to speak life. Don’t get a reputation of being gloom and doom. You represent light, hope, love and resurrection–JESUS CHRIST! Take an inventory and watch yourself to make sure you spread the GOOD NEWS. I am NOT saying to deny reality. I am saying, always end up with the message of resurrection, so people can receive life from your ministry.

Sometimes we preachers can come across as too serious and intense. Of course, you should not paste a smile on to mislead people, but sometimes a scowl can mark your appearance because you are so intense. If you regularly scare little children, you need to make a few changes. Let Jesus light and love shine forth from your countenance. God does not give us a spirit of fear so we should not give one to others.

Right before your preach your message, do a heart check. Am I more concerned that I come across as a good preacher or that I represent Jesus well? Is my heart motivated out of love for Jesus or for the approval of man? These are subtle issues and don’t just assume you know the true condition of your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you grace to do what you do for Jesus’ glory.

So check your words, your countenance, and your heart!



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