The Three Friends of Grace



When I was a teenager, my parents knew that when I was not at home, I was usually with one of my three friends. I had others of course, but I had three that I really hung with. When my friends were not welcomed, then I considered I was not welcomed.

God’s Grace also has friends. A lot of friends, but there are three I want you to think about.

I. The Friend called Truth (John 1)
Remember Jesus was full of grace and truth. Where one was present so was the other. Think of the ways that Jesus would still be condemned by people today, particularly religious people. He is the friend of sinners. He hangs out with winebibbers and harlots. Yet dear friend, he was full of grace and truth.
II. The Friend called Peace (1 Peter)
Often in the early church people were blessed with Grace and Peace to you. It is always based on the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. Look at Jesus and see how he lived and interacted with people. He was full of grace and it splashed on everyone around him.
III. The Friend called Mercy (Hebrews 4)
God’s throne of grace is a neat place. Jesus is there interceding at the Father’s right hand. The Father is seated there saying come with confidence. Grace and mercy are there together. When you get there, your need is met by Grace and Mercy and you get to enjoy the party at the throne–The throne of Grace.

To be a person who truly believes in grace, then you will also be hanging out with the three friends of grace. The same is true for a congregation. We cannot say we believe in grace, if we do not hold the truth the way Jesus presented it. We really are not embracing Grace when we are living in a bunch of contention and there is no peace. We cannot claim to be true advocates of Grace if we do not move in mercy toward people.

A man is known by the company he keeps….so is Grace!


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