The Pharisee in Me


Every now and then a good sobering sermon that challenges people to take off the mask is in order. Think about the title above for a few moments…. That was too quick! Take some time and seriously consider the ways in which you may struggle with being like the Pharisees that Jesus exposed as frauds who wore masks. You can rest assured that whatever you struggle with, there will be a bunch of other folks who listen to you preach that will benefit by being challenged as well.

Just read Matthew 23:1-38 and look for any similarities. This could make a great short series. Try to work in some humor as well. You know the method, get people unarmed with humor, and then challenge them at the heart level.

A good way to present the message could be through questions. You could share a checklist for people to use to identify where they may struggle with “The Pharisee in Me” syndrome. Let’s start with the first part of the chapter and see how this might look. I’ll share a couple of examples and then you can develop a bunch more:


1. Do you have areas where you do not practice what you preach? (v3)
2. Do you require other people to live by rules that you do not follow? or Have you created one standard for yourself and another for someone else? (v4)
3. Are you willing to risk being ridiculed by other people in order to teach people how to really be free and live in God’s grace? (v4)

and so forth…….

Some other title ideas:

I Think I See a Pharisee!
The Key to Revival Unmasked
How to Help Those Hypocrites  (Deal with the one inside  you)
The Pharisee I Shave Every Day  (You ladies may need to adjust this one)
Seriously Insincere!

A Series idea– How to Be a Hypocrite (Act 1)
How to Be a Hypocrite (Act 2) and so forth. The thrust would be, if you are going to be good

at being a hypocrite, then you need to …….

Be transparent about your own need to remove “Pharisee” tendencies. After all, you don’t want to be a Pharisee by preaching what you refuse to practice.  Blessings!

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