The Jesus Journey — sermon starter


The Jesus Journey
by Eddie Lawrence

The following points can be used to share a simple sermon about the story of Jesus. Many different facets could be added under the main points. I have offered some suggestions.

1. Jesus Came
A. To do the will of His Father
B. To save sinners
C. To give abundant life
D. To set people free
E. To destroy the works of the Devil

2. Jesus Ministered
A. To the sinner
B. To the sick
C. To the outcast
E. To his disciples

3. Jesus Died
A. Willingly
B. Selflessly
C. Sacrificially
D. With our sins place upon him

4. Jesus Arose
A, He conquered death
B. He lives

5. Jesus Ascended
A. He is seated because the work is finished.
B. He prays as our Great High Priest

6. Jesus Poured Out His Spirit
A. He has empowered us to carry on his work
B. He speaks to us and guides us

7. Jesus is Returning
A. To receive us to himself
B. To raise the dead
C. To rule and reign

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