The Grand Pursuit


The Grand Pursuit

Matt.6:33  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Introduction– In the above verse there are building blocks that will properly align a person’s life with the most grand desgin they could ever imagine. A life that knows why it is here and where it is going and is given everything needed to get there. Notice:

1. The Pursuit of Your Heart
The word "seek" indicates a pursuing of one’s heart after something else. What is that something else for you?

2. The Priority of Your Heart
What is it "first" and foremost you are going after? How do you know the answer? Look at the investments of your heart. Where are the major investments of your heart being deposited?

3. The Purpose of Your Heart
Purpose is a powerful commodity of the heart. We don’t thrive with randomness guiding us. We need purpose. Jesus said the purpose of our heart and lives are fully discovered and released when we become kingdomized.

4. The Promise for Your Heart
What stabilizes your heart? What gives it the assurance of safety and security? Jesus said your can build on a promise from God that all your earthly needs will be provided if you make the heavenly kingdom your pursuit. You can move into your God given destiny with confidence through the Grand Pursuit that gives your heart to Him.


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