The Grace Vision — Devotional



I have been thinking a lot about vision lately because people have been asking me the question, "What is your vision?" I have determined to stay away from pat answers and cliches that funnel out the mouth without ever fostering the attention of the mind. However, it is important to address the thinking process from the pattern of Jesus. After all, He’s the captain of the ship. Take a few steps with me:

What did Jesus teach about vision?
What did the early church teach about vision?
What do people mean today when they talk about your "vision"?

For the sake of being properly focused, leave the Old Testament out of it for now. There goes the Proverbs 29:18 (a great scripture) which we pull out like a six-shooter and fire away at the mere mention of the word vision. Maybe we do this because it seems to align with what we think about vision instead of what Jesus taught about vision.

If we mean by "vision" what God has given the church to do, then we all have the same vision, right? If we mean by "vision" how to carry out what God has given us all to do, then we are thinking of something more methodical in nature.

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