The Grace to Move On — Devotional



The grace to move on is vital to each of us. Sometimes we refer to it as starting over, but in the truest sense, we never really start over. We have to move to the next season with the lessons of the good and bad that life has brought us. Life is a compilation of experiences. The environmental, experiential, as well as the biological all come together in a potpourri called "our life."

Today (Sunday, Aug.19), my heart is percolating with a thousand different emotions. The church I pastored and left 11 weeks ago is voting on a new pastor.   I trust that it will go well. They are moving on and I must admit, it is very hard for me to accept. Though we told them we did not want to be reconsidered under the current circumstances, I suppose we held on to a distant hope that there might have been some way it would have turned around.

It is like a divorce where you hope that things may somehow work out even though the papers have been signed. Yet, you know once your spouse remarries, it’s over.

Hence, the need for the grace to let go and move on. I do wish them well. There are so many good and wonderful folks there. I love them dearly and it would not be difficult if there was not a piece of my heart still there. I have to live with the truth that I messed up. I also have to accept the truth that "what could have been" and "what is" are two different things. The reality is centered in "what is."

So, what now? I have an idea of what I am to do. I have been planning and preparing for this. Yet, it is painful. I need Father to download grace into my heart to accept all this change and learn from it. I do not want to just go through it but grow through it. I want to shake off the feeling of finality that seems to haunt me. I have to live with the fact that I created the circumstances that allowed all this to materialize. I accept the responsibility for the wrong choices I have made and need forgiveness, just as I choose to forgive the wrong choices others have made in their responses to the situation.

There are three truths I am clinging to which are helping me to hang on and to begin to move on.

1. God is bigger than all this and can use it to fulfill His purposes in my life. There is treasure to be found in the middle of my pain and failure.

2. My future is not determined by my past but by Jesus’ past. The work of the cross has the power to transform every situation.

3. God knows it all and has the final say. The wonderful thing is that these three truths are an encouragement to everyone who has been touched by this whole season of twists and turns.

I personally am clinging to the hope that one more time, God might just use a broken messed up failure to birth something new and miraculous.

The truth is that for us to move forward out of what once was, we have to receive God’s grace to move on. As we receive it and use it, we may just discover the place God had called us to all along. His preferred route was not chosen, but in His grace, He got us there just the same. This is the adventure called the grace-life. Whether or not God chooses to use me, I trust Him! He still turns dark "todays" into bright "tomorrows".

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