The Grace Stretch — Devotional



Ever watched a cat stretch? They are not the lone animals on the planet with a propensity to stretch. Of course, we humans are stretchers by nature and sometimes, among the best in shape among us, stretching is planned and a part of a daily regime to keep in shape. But for most of us, stretching is something we do automatically and somewhat unconsciously.

Upon awaking in the morning while still fighting the urge to dive back into the river of sleep, our body begins to stretch. We stiffen our body out straight until our toes are pointing  like arrow heads jutting out at the bottom of our legs. We can feel the surge of energy flowing through our shocked muscles. Then we twist our torso as if it were a mop being wrung out into a pail. We flex, we quiver, and then relax. This is repeated a few times until finally………….we do it. We roll toward the edge of the bed and go vertical. We get up to start another day.

In a similar way, we do this spiritually after we have been in a lull of sleepiness. Grace comes and our shocked spiritual muscles are reminded they were made to move. Our spiritual torso twists and turns. Our spiritual toes remember they were made for a purpose. We begin to stretch until we go vertical.

I’m beginning to stretch………………………………..

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