The Feet that Would…



John 13:1-17

In this passage Jesus washed the disciples feet. He knows he is about to depart this world. An agonizing crucifixion is awaiting him at the end of a long night of prayer, betrayal, aloneness, beating, mockery and deceit. Yet, he washes the disciples feet. Think of this…he washed the feet that would:

  • betray him
  • run in the face of fear
  • refuse to stay in the place of prayer
  • refuse to stand at the foot of the cross
  • hide while he took all the blows
  • deny knowing him
  • that would curse the notion that there was even an association with Jesus
  • feet that would go out and weep bitterly
  • feet that would go to the gallows of suicide 

    He washed their dirty feet and all they did– was on a clean set of feet–yet they did it.

    He served those who would abandon him in his greatest time of need.

    He humbled himself before them knowing that it was the Father’s plan and the Father does all things well.

    What of his own feet, a few hours later they were nailed to the tree of torment and know one had washed them save the tears of a grateful prostitute that did not care what the rest of the world thought about her lavish love for him.

    Later…these, save one, would be feet that became beautiful as they spread the Gospel.




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