The Characteristics of a Trustworthy Friend


Preachers need close friends. The statistics and research out there indicates that most pastors don’t have many deep relationships and friendships. The reasons for this are interesting in themselves. Pastors tend to relocate often, tend to hold things close to the vest because they have been hurt by sharing their vuneralbilities in the past, pastors fear being seen as weak and so forth…. These are not meant to be blanket statements but struggles that do seem to exist in clergy and in people at large for that matter.

So, it would be profitable to do a litte study on what it means to be a friend or to have a friend that can be trusted. What does such a friendship look like?

We all know that true and deep fellowship and life-sharing are what makes meaningful relationships. This a great need in the Church today. We have tended to grow bigger but not deeper. How could you encourage people to risk a deeper relationship with someone? What does a trustworthy friend look like? Are they allowed to make mistakes? Do they accept you with all your faults? Are you challenged by living life with them?

Maybe some other questions could be asked to open people up: If you had a crisis in your life right now, and your spouse or family could not be with you, who would you want in the room with you? If that person had to stay with you for five days without leaving, who would it be? If you needed to share the worst things you had ever done? Who would you want listening and responding to you? If you had three days to get away just to have fun and could only take a non-family person with you, who would you want it to be?

The answers may tell you a lot about you and about what you think about friendship. And certainly, Jesus is the model friend. How does his friendship look. This could be a great way to conclude the message.

Just some thoughts for you to throw in the mental dryer and tumble around. Could be a good message comes out of it that could encourage people. Blessings and may you have some great and blessed deep friendships. I am challenging myself to be a better friend to people.

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