The Bible — sermon idea and illustration


I ran across a couple of quotes that demonstrate the indomitable overcoming power of God and His Word. The first quote is by the well-know French author and philosopher who also was an atheist (1694 -1778). The quote that follows gives insight on his belief in Scripture.

Another century and there will not be a Bible on earth! –Voltaire

The second quote comes from Corrie Ten Boom. She survived imprisonment in the holocaust as she watched those she loved die in the extreme and hostile conditions. As a believer, her testimony of the grace of God is so powerful. She experienced the power of God;s Word at work in her own life. Here’s the quote attributed to her.

Voltaire expected that within fifty years of his lifetime there would not be one Bible in the world. His house is now a distribution center for Bibles in many languages. –Corrie Ten Boom

These two quotes by two very different people show us that a person’s perspective of the world is truly shaped by their perspective of Scripture.


Take the above quotes and use them to introduce a message on the nature of Scripture. Titles could range from THE POWER OF GOD’S WORD to WHAT DO YOU BELIEF ABOUT THE BIBLE?

What a person believes is in the Bible is often revealed by what they believe about the Bible.


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  1. Hey Bro. Eddie, Just checking out Sermon Seedbed and being blessed by lots of good spiritual thoughts. Be Blessed, Brad Payne

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