Thanks Mom!– Mother’s Day Sermon Outline


Here is a brief outline that any child can add their own real-life examples to. Enjoy it and use it to encourage the greatest people on earth, our Moms!


If we look at the life of Jesus, we see his Mom at the center of it all. Mary was there to the end watching her Son die. Each of the following has an application in her life and to the lives of most of our Mothers.

Thanks Mom!

1. Thanks Mom for Giving Your Love
There is no love like a Mom’s love. It is sacrificial and selfless with years of tears and prayers to back it up.

2. Thanks Mom for Watching Me Laugh
For the most part, it is our Moms who watch us daily spend our childhood. They not pray for us but play with us.

3. Thanks Mom for being Longsuffering
Moms first carry us in their womb and then they carry us in their arms and then they carry us on their knees. When everyone else walks out, Mom walks in.

4. Thanks Mom for Letting Me Leave
A man shall leave father and mother. It;s hard for Moms to let go, but the good mother allows her children to become adults.
Mary watched her Son go to the tree, to the tomb, and then to the throne.

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