Stow Away Sermons – Tips for Pastors


Stow Away Sermons – Tips for Pastors

These are just six quick tips to help pastors to be ready in season and out of season. 

1. Go through your sermon outlines files and pull out five of them that cover a variety of situations. I recommend a funeral sermon, wedding sermon, a sermon on dealing with trials, an inspirational message that encourages, and a sermon outline on the power of words. This will give you a starting point for a variety of situations you may be called upon to address.

You never know when you may be attending a funeral or a wedding and are informed the preacher became sick at the last minute. You may be at the Rotary meeting and the speaker fails to show. You get the point. 

2. Take these outlines and record each of them on one large notecard (front and back). Put just enough information to remind you of the direction and flow of the sermon.

3. Place the five completed notecards with your sermon bullets in your Bible. You may want to put a small rubber band around them. 

4. Keep this Bible with the notecards with you. You may consider getting a smaller Bible just for this purpose. You can keep it in your vehicle. That way, in those unexpected situations, you are ready.

5. You might consider making copies of the notecards and keeping a copy in each of your automobiles. If you have to have one of them on just one surprise occasion, you will be happy you made the effort to prepare.

6. When you preach a message that seems to be exceptionally accepted, consider making one of the notecards and adding to your little stache. This helps provide fresh material. 

I hope these little tips are helpful to you in your ministry. 

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