Six Men and a Tree — Devotional



Do you have any faults?
Seriously… you have any faults?

"Of course," you may be thinking, "I have faults, everybody has faults!"
Okay, you are right. We all have faults. But what are your faults? Can you identify them? Are you working on seeing them changed?

I have been in a season of fault finding, but the Lord keeps reminding me that the faults I need to find or the ones in my own heart. In Ps. 51, David declared that God desires truth in the inward parts. We all easily and readily admit that everyone has faults, but do we really examine what our own faults truly are? It may be a good idea to have a fault list–not where we keep a list of other people’s faults, but one in which we have identify some of the flaws and faults that have our name signed to them. The list should then become a prayer list reminding us to ask God for the grace to change in these areas. Our petitions for improvement may reap some beneficial results for us and others.

The list could also be like a do to list. The list of things we need GOD to do in our personal lives.

The list could also be talk points for you to share with a trusted friend or small group of friends. James wrote that we are to "confess our faults one to another that we may be healed." There is an incredible power released when we expose to others our own faults. What some may misconstrue as a pity party can sometimes culimate in a power party. When we get honest about where we are missing the mark, it brings it in the light. The power of our secrets is broken. The healing process can do its work. God honors honesty. Confession is simply being honest and in agreement with God about our sin.

It is in the dark, that our flesh and the enemy of our souls tag team with one another. It is in the light where we truly fellowship with God and one another (1 John 1:7).

Last week, early on Tuesday morning, six men met under a tree in my backyard. It was a time of being honest with one another about our struggles and our faults. We all decided to risk growing in our relationships with each other. A pulling off the mask ceremony ensued and we took a step toward wholeness together. Risky? Yes! Worth it? For sure!

Most of our relationships are very shallow. I am discovering more that ever before, it is painful to be made whole. It kills our pride. It changes our attiude about ourselves and others. It requires brutal honestly with ourselves. BUT—it is extremely liberating. Embracing and walking in truth brings freedom. One of the first stops in the journey is facing the truth about ourselves and sharing with someone else that we see it. This is called accountibility and it is necessary for true wholeness. Find a tree, a friend, and start the freedom journey! By the way, the tree that gets it done, is the old rugged cross.

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