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Thanks to all of you for visiting Sermon Seedbed. I am amazed at the goodness of God in the growth of this site. Just a little over one year ago, I made the first post and a new dimension of ministry began. I have been surprised by a lot of different things as I have ventured out into cyberspace:

1. Lots of time and energy are required in order for a site to grow and become known to others. How can people visit you if they do not know you exist or where you live. That is the way it is on the web as well. So in order to get traffic there are definite regular tasks involved. But I enjoy it all.

2. Another surprise is the places visitors come from. Who would have thought in just one year, I would have visitors from over 180 nations dropping by this little site. These visits resulted in over 3 million hits. Wow! It is so rewarding to know that the Bible study resources and sermons that I work on are being used around the world. To be honest, at times if I feel a little discouraged, I just look at the feed stats of my site and take note of the activity from around the world. I always am instantly encouraged and go back to writing outlines of sermons.

3. In addition, I have been surprised by the wonderful relationships that are being built with ministers around the world. There is such a family connection with other ministers who also have devoted their lives to proclaiming the good news.

Another aspect of Sermon Seedbed has been the launching of two different sermon provision services. The Monday Morning Preacher’s Package is a subscription service that contains five full sermons with illustrations and is emailed out each Monday Morning. The other service has just been started and is call Simple Sermon Outlines. It is just that, simple sermon outlines. Just the title, text, and main points. When a person makes their one-time purchase, they immediately receive their first bundle of five outlines and then seven days later they get bundle 2, and so forth throughout an entire year. Both of the services are very inexpensive and provide funds to help Sermon Seedbed continue to grow.

Don’t forget about our freebie mail-out as well. I love to send out free stuff to my list and do so about once each week. This is free of charge and provides some little extras not available on the site.

Please continue to pray for Sermon Seedbed and all that drink from its waters.


Eddie Lawrence

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