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Hey Everybody!

Just launched the brand new Sermon Seedbed Forum. It has several challenges and exercises geared to help preachers prepare sermons and the bits & pieces that make up a sermon. Please visit, post, and interact.

I need you to help me get this up and going and make it a fun watering hole
for preachers to meet and enjoy the art of sermon building.

Check it out Sermon Seedbed Forum!

This is another place where you can get some great ideas and contribute to making some great ideas concerning sermon building. Also, if you could forward it to your preacher friends, that would be cool!

Lots of good stuff in the forum. One example is that I have asked everyone to share their all time favorite sermon title. After we get a bunch of submissions, I will provide a list of these for all our forum members. There will be info in the forum unavailable on this site.

Joining the forum is easy and free, just like this site. As I said, it has just been launched so help me forerun this forum and let’s see how much it can grow! This is your chance to show your stuff!



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  1. carl says:

    women,in the ministry. where is scripture that says a woman is not suppose to be in the pulpit?

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