Sermon Outline – The Issac Test


Study the occasion of Abraham’s life in the 22nd Chapter of Genesis where God told Abraham to offer his son Issac. The following simple outline could be effectively used to teach and apply these great truths to your congregation’s life:



The Issac Test

Genesis 22:1-18

Your Issac is a promise God has made and kept that you now are being required to release. It can be a relationship. A ministry. A job. A possession….etc.

The Issac test is about whether or not you can trust God with that thing that is so precious to you. It may very well be the thing most precious to you.

1. The Walk Required to Give Up Your Issac (Abraham went a three days journey and climbed a big mountain. Imagine what must have been going through his mind. This is the agonizing mental part of the Issac Test. It is not a spur of the moment snap decision. God will take you through a process where your mind becomes a mill required to grind up all the excuses that arise. What journey has the Lord had you on that is headed to a Moriah where your Issac is to be offered?

2. The Work Required to Give Up Your Issac (There was wood to be bundled and a long journey. As we just saw previously the walk was a three day walk. Think about the work involved in this. It was not just passive waiting. It was hard work. The work itself was part of the faith required. God often requires us to invest our time and energy into the process of giving up our Issac. It is one thing to just offer something dear to you to the Lord. It is another thing to be required to build the altar on which it is going to be offered. In what way has God had you working to build the altar on which you will be required to offer your Issac?

3. The Worship Required to Give Up Your Issac (This is the action of the heart in giving something to the Lord. There is a difference in viewing the Lord taking something from you and the act of you’re giving something to Him. One can lead to resentment. The other leads to revival–the living again of the promise. The N.T. bbok of Hebrews chapter 6 tells us Abraham believed that God would raise Issac from the dead in order to fulfill His promise.

4. The Willingness Required to Give Up Your Issac (This is what captured God’s heart. Abraham’s willingness not to put anything between him and His God other than a willing heart.

Of course, this is all a beautiful picture of Father God not sparing His only Son but freely giving him up for us all. A lot of parallels can be brought out here that will show Father God’s heart and Jesus’ heart for us all.


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