Say it with Love – Advice for Pastors


As the song says, "What the world needs now is love, sweet, love…" This is so true. And it is really important that the preacher ministers to his people in love. Consider the following four observations regarding sermons that are preached in love and about love.

1. In every sermon you preach be sure to remind people that God loves them. This should not be assumed or go unsaid. Regardless of the subject, the love of God touches it in some way, find that touch point and mention it.

2. Memorize verses on the love of God so that you can sprinkle them into the service, the sermon, and your conversations with people. Nothing encourages like knowing that you are loved. People have to be reminded because there is so much war against them to seduce them to believe that God does not really care about them. Be a voice of love and share many words of love.

3. Remember that preaching is more than words. People not only listen to what you preach but watch how you live. Preachers are aware that they live in a fishbowl. The best way to live it is to realize yourself that God loves you too. He is for you and not against you. Live a life of love. When you mess up, repent.

4. Make sure your attitude and face agree with your mouth. If people are watching you with a scowl on your face and hear anger in your voice as you talk about God's love, then the message will not be properly understood. Make sure that your intensity does not come across as anger or aggression. You can be bold, firm, and passionate in a loving way. Strive to do so.

These four observations will hopefully encourage you to be more aware of the need to do what you do in love, whether word or deed. You will be a greater blessing than you already are by loving more.


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