Run to the Kingdom — sermon idea


The following excerpt is from John Bunyan’s (1628-1688) Sermon, THE HEAVENLY FOOTMAN. based on the phrase, "So run that ye may obtain." found in I Cor. 9:24. I revised the layout slightly, but as you can see, his nine points below would make for some good preaching or a great devotional talk. I am titling the exerpt, RUN TO THE KINGDOM. Enjoy it!


Get thy will tipped with the heavenly grace, and resolution against all discouragements, and then thou goest full speed for heaven; but if thou falter in thy will, and be not found there, thou wilt run hobbling and halting all the way thou runnest, and also to be sure thou wilt fall short at last. The Lord give thee a will and courage.

Thus I have done with directing thee how to run to the kingdom; be sure thou keep in memory what I have said unto thee, lest thou lose thy way. But because I would have thee think of them, take all in short in this little bit of paper.

1. Get into the way.
2. Then study on it.
3. Then, strip, and lay aside everything that would hinder.
4.. Beware of by-paths.
5. Do not gaze and stare too much about thee, but be sure to ponder the path of thy feet.
6. Do not stop for any that call after thee, whether it be the world, the flesh, or the devil: for all these will hinder thy journey, if possible.
7. Be not daunted with any discouragements thou meetest with as thou goest.
8. Take heed of stumbling at the cross.
9. Cry hard to God for an enlightened heart, and a willing mind, and God give thee a prosperous journey.

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