Pitching A Thanksgiving Fit!


Pitching A Thanksgiving Fit!

TextActs 16 (Where Paul and Silas were in prison and the God sent the earthquake to set them free)

Have you ever pitched a fit?
You know what I mean?
Just let it rip and turn it loose?
Usually when we pitch a fit, it can be nasty. However, I am not talking today about that kind of fit. I am talking about a “Thanksgiving Fit.” An in the face, spit on the Devil, tell God how good He is, kind of party.

There are just times in order to get things lined up on the inside of us, we need to pitch an in the devil’s face “Thanksgiving Fit.” David declared that the Lord would prepare us a table in the presence of our enemies. So we should expect it and declare it.

Here are four statements to help you pitch a Thanksgiving Fit that might encourage those of you in the midst of battle right now: You can expound on each of them from the story you will find in Acts 16.

1. Allow Your Bad Circumstances to Remind You that a Good God is Still in Control
2. You Should Know that God Knows What You Don’t Yet Know
3. Your Praise and Thanksgiving is Your Way of Honoring God and Serving Notice to the Devil
4. Thanksgiving will Align Your Mouth with Your Heart and Open Your Eyes to See the Glory of God

Conclusion-invite people to begin thanking God in the midst of their battle.


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