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"…if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father in heaven forgive yours." Matthew 6:15, Mark 11:26 Do your prayers work? "Father, bless my enemy with your peace…"–is a prayer that makes sense! A lot of people wonder why some prayers are answered while others–or their own prayers–seem to never get answered. Here are some ideas. So here are things to consider if you actually want power in prayer.

   1. Revere God: Do what it takes for Christ and maintain your reverence for God. Know that He is mighty, is the creator of the Universe and deserves Glory, Praise and Honor. Your prayer life should acknowledge the Lord in His rightful place in your life.

   2. Pray thankfully and praise God, especially to end prayers positively, and thereby overcome attitudes like begging and pleading to God (there is of course a time and a place for that); for happiness (rather ask for joy) or for trying to stop anxious thoughts or bad dreams (ask the Lord to show you the root cause of these and take them to him in prayer).

   3. Increase or start thanking and praising others and lift up (be a booster of) God and Jesus for any good things (called blessings) in your life. God and Jesus have promised to bless one who blesses others and who thanks God for blessings.

   4. Stop harboring sin in your life: Yep, this would kill it from the get-go! God can not look upon sin.

   5. Forgive others: You need to seek forgiveness, but remember you must also forgive, or you will not be forgiven.

   6. Obey God: The Lord calls us to repent of our sin and turn to Him. Sin separates us from Him. Harboring sin in your life is a sure way to cause a wedge between you and our Heavenly Father. Always ask the Lord to forgive you your sins through the blood of Jesus and strengthen your Spirit through reading the word, praying, serving others etc.–so that you can withstand the temptation of sin in your life. Whatever you feed in your life, grows and wins.

   7. Believe — never waffling: Be sure of what it is you want and be sure that He can and will do it, or guess what: Forget it. Faith makes it happen.
  8. See the results and be inspired. How? Make a prayer journal or a prayer list of things, people and missions you pray about. Your prayer journal enables you to keep up with the progress in the things you pray about.
  9. Confirm God’s will in prayer — God is not mocked: whatever a man plants into the lives of others will come back to him (Good or Bad!)! Always ask for God’s will to be done.
10. Stand firm — without giving up: Sometimes God wants us to persist in prayer… when we quit… that’s it.

  11. Love your enemy and never treat others wrongly: love one another as He has loved you. Love mercy and do it!

  12. Bless and "curse-not"–as much as possible. Seek goodwill and the good of others in all you do or say! Pray for God to bless your enemies with good things. Considering that is a direct instruction from His word, we need to practice that whether we like it or not.

  13. Pray without Ceasing. So be in a spirit of thankfulness and blessing others for God hears such things as a "living prayer."

  14. Open up towards God, and ask him what you will in faith. God obviously knows every aspect of your life (lying won’t help), and He knows your struggles and sins. He knows how you feel. He loves and cares for you without limit. Since he is love and mercy–He doesn’t unfairly favour anyone–because he created and seeks to heal and save all of us if we have faith and follow in God’s will.


    * Read the Bible. It is full of plain talk on how to pray, what works and what doesn’t. God speaks through the Bible when you read it, not all the time though (for it depends on him and what you prayer for).

    * "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength; and your neighbor as yourself."–Luke 10:27

    * Love your neighbor sacrificially for what greater love is there than this: that a man should risk or give his own life for a friend (or even for a stranger)?

    * Pray sincerely: for example pray the sinners prayer of repentance–when you ask Jesus Christ to save you — then accept God’s plan for your real life: that’s it!.

    * Christians: Read the Gospels on Jesus; praise God, and ask for help "in the name of Jesus." Jesus said: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”(Matthew 7:7–8) God (and Christ the Saviour) will answer if you wait in his time (yes, no, maybe.)

    * Persevere in prayer. He knows what your next motives are because He (and the Son of God) knows the truth (because he is the truth) and knows your life (past, present, future). He has a plan for all of us personally; it is good–not bad. So, if you give you’re life to Jesus, and ask for mercy, God will forgive you and your sins.


  * "Be careful what you pray for… you just might get it."
  * When you pray, you need to be in God’s will. If what you are praying for is not in God’s will, then you will not get it. Prayer is not a simple "I ask for it, and I get it." God will always hear you when you pray, but sometimes God’s answer to a prayer is "No".
  * Praying against ordinary people is not going to work!

  * Pretentious or bragging prayer is not worth your breath.

  * Consider:
          o "…cleanse your minds all you double minded!" (James 4:8)
          o "…he that wavers is unstable in all his ways and should expect nothing from God…" (James 1:5-8).

  * Jesus said:
          o "…if you remember that your brother has anything against you; go and make it right, then come back to the altar…" (Matthew 5:23-24)

  * Don’t ask pointlessly, but ask Jesus when you need help, guidance or mercy — and ask for God’s will to be in your heart (to the "core" of your being).

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