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Peace: The Staying Power of God


Please take the time to look up the following Scriptures and meditate on the answers to the ajoining questions. Note this study is about the peace of God that is an important part of the everyday walk of a believer. A person must first have peace with God (Rom. 5:1) before they can live with the peace of God.

Mark 4:35-41
*What order did Jesus give the disciples concerning the direction they were to take?
*What hit them on the way to where Jesus wanted them to go?
*What was Jesus doing while they were being so distressed?
*What did Jesus speak to the storm they were in?
*Did God cause this storm in their life? Do you think Jesus would have rebuked something the Father was doing?
*What should we conclude from the fact that Jesus rebuked the storm?
*Why did Jesus rebuke the disciples? 
Jesus was able to speak peace to what was going on around Him because of the peace of God that was within Him. Likewise, we will be able to speak peace to the storm around us if there is the peace of God within us. We can speak to the storm all day without success if we have not first allowed God to calm the storm within us. It is peace within that will manifest in power without. It is peace that will give us staying power through and over the storms.
Philippians 4:6-7
*When is anxiety/worry acceptable according to this verse?
*Instead of worry, what does this verse instruct us to do?
*Why is “thanksgiving” an important part of sending worry on its way?
*How can “thanksgiving” change your focus from negative to positive?
*When the peace of God arrives what does it do?
It is interesting to note that the word “keep” or “guard” in verse seven is a military term and indicates that the peace of God will guard your heart and mind like a soldier guarding a gate to keep out intruders—worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, depression, distress, anger, etc.
*Do you have such a peace in your heart and mind right now? If not, why? What should you do? When should you do it?
Colossians 3:15
*What is to rule in our hearts? 
*What does the word “let” imply about your responsibility in the situation?
*Who/What is ruling if you are not allowing the peace of God to rule?
The word “rule” means to serve as an umpire. When we are about to step out of bounds or to commit a foul the Holy Spirit, using the peace of God, will blow the whistle to inform us. We must develop a sensitivity to the presence of the peace of God in our hearts. When peace is challenged we must become alert that something is amiss. We can avoid many mistakes and troubles in our lives by following this simple truth. Even if you do not understand why something is not right for you, don’t question the “peace of God.” Let it rule! Remember it often is not understandable (Phil. 4:7).
Galatians 5:22
*How is peace produced?            Compare Romans 8:14 with Colossians 3:15.
There are many other wonderful principles you can draw out of the above passages concerning faith, authority, God’s Word, and the peace of God.



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