Pastors In Crisis – There is Help!



Pastors are people too! Sometimes we as pastors place so many expectations upon ourselves that we forget our own humanity. At other times, we can become so overwhelmed by the problems in our own lives or the lives of others that we simply cannot manage it anymore.

If you are a pastor in need of confidential, biblically based help from a loving caring person, please consider contacting PastorCare.  The card above is the business card of a dear brother with whom I walk closely, Jim Bevis. Jim and Anne have many years of experience in ministry and in helping ministers.

Jim is the Director of the Mid-South region of PastorCare. He will be glad to help you or connect you with someone in the region in which you live. In addition, you can contact PastorCare directly. For more info, open up the PDF version of their brochure through the link below, or visit the website link below:



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  1. Andiki Simon says:


    This is a great initiative to help and support the servants in the field.

    Am a young church planter in Eldoret Kenya but my main challenge is lack/insufficient resources for ministry work.  The ministry am serving with gives us the opportunity to raise our own support – I have been working on this for the last two years and it is still a big challenge especially getting local support.  Despite the tremendous things God is doing through my ministry I feel I won't go on for long unless the resources are available.

    Kindly advice

    Yours in helping fulfill the Great Commission


    P.O. BOX 5251 – 30100



  2. Hello Pastor Jim,
    I am really happy to see your ministry here @ Sermon Seedbed,i am a pastor here in Davao,Southern part of the Philippines but i am really in crisis today…To be honest i don't know what to do with my life now,their are times that i think of ending up my own life,that is why i cannot express my happiness when i saw your ministry here,i see hope in here..Hoping that i can share to you my burdens later…Thanks and God bless your ministry and family.
    Co-laborer in Christ,
    Pastor Blair 

  3. solomon QUINCY-TUCKER says:


  4. solomon QUINCY-TUCKER says:

    don't know what next to do

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