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notepadpencil1201_smallEach preacher should think about beginning their personal pastor blog. It is a very efficient way to minister to masses of people globally. Let me communicate with you a few recommentdations as to how you can use your own blog to minister to folks.

First, a pastors blog will allow you to expand the ministry opportunities you have to your own congregation. You can use it as a way to share your own special insights about life in the flock you pastor. From making simple announcements to attaching your preaching notes, you can touch daily the people you usually only contact on Sundays.

You can place your website address in the church publication, on your church’s business card, ads your church places in the newspaper, and intermittently even on the church billboard. You will be amazed at the number of your congregation who will stop by to see what you have written on your website.

Secondly, you can use your own pastoral web page to make relationships with other preachers around the world. Pastors often hunt for the blogs motivation and information.

I regularly receive emails from clergy in other parts of the United States and around the world who have engaged and used my sermon outlines in their own ministries. Each time I get such an email, it always motivates me. I now have pastor buddies spread around the globev with which I have recurring connection. What a blessing this is to me on a personal level.

Thirdly, your own web site will permit you to extend your pulpit to the world. I commenced my own web site just over a year ago and use it primarily to post free online sermons for preachers around the earth to retrieve. As of the time of this writing, I average about 1000 visitors per day to my Sermon Seedbed pastoral site. The guests come from more than 180 different nations. Last year I logged over 3 million hits which is a lot of mousing around on one little website part of having your own pastor’s blog.

Each week, someplace around the globe, there are ministers presenting sermons and teaching Bible lessons] using the [spin]outlines and materials that I have put together. What a delight to be able to assist other preachers in this way. You too can make a difference in the group of listeners of other churches through starting your own internet site. If you need suggestions on how to do it, just visit my Sermon Seedbed site and make contact with me through the contact page. I will be more than glad to share with you how to get started.

I personally build websites for pastors, so if you are interested in having your own domain name, your own WordPress easy to use blog site (like this one you are reading now) with tutorial videos, and a customized site up and going, please email me through the contact us page of this site. I also can get you set up with an email account, an autorepsonder to build you an email list and much more.

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