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OUR CORE VALUES – I recently preached a message laying out 16 core values that I feel our church should take to heart in order to create the culture that the Scripture calls us experience. Of course, this happens only through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. love, and obedience to the Scripture. Here are the broad strokes I shared. You can hear the message by visiting our sermons page on our church website.

We realize what we value determines the culture we create. This in turn means that the culture we create will reflect what we value.

We value:

1. Being Worshippers 24/7

2. Being Christ Centered in Our Identity

3. Being Transformed and Motivated by Love

4. Being Grace Oriented in Our Lifestyle

5. Being Supernaturally Empowered & Equipped

6. Being Gospel Inspired and Kingdom Focused

7. Being Led by the Holy Spirit

8. Being Concerned About the Whole Person

9. Being Relationally Connected as Family

10. Being Engaged Redemptively in the World 

11. Being Grounded in God’s Word

12. Being Stretched to Grow Our Faith

13. Being Life-Givers who Honor and Value People

14. Being Generous in Our Giving

15. Being Energized toward Dreams and Destiny

16. Being Drawn to Goodness and Glory 

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  1. Ampofo Onyina says:

    I cannot describe how I am being blessed ever since I started reading the anointed words in the sermon seedbed

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