New Year’s Sermon – 4 Headlines for 2013


new year's sermon outlineThe New Year is fast upon us and I know many of you may be working on a message to help people as the calendar year changes once again. With that in mind, I have crafted a simple little sermon outline that you can easily build upon, adding your own stories, and various scriptures. Here it is for you:

4 Headlines for 2013
by Eddie Lawrence


Introduction – We all can recite some of the big headlines in the news this past year (plug some of those headlines into the intro here. Example- 27 Die in Connecticut School Shooting, Zig Ziglar dies at 86, Larry Hagman dead at 81 (Remember who shot JR?), President Obama Wins Second Term, Hurricaine Sandy Hits East Coast…..)

What news will we hear as we move into and live through this coming new year. Imagine picking up the morning paper sometime in this coming year of 2013. Imagine in bold print the lead story headline. What event do you imagine? What would that headline read?

We all know most of the news is bad news, but as believers in an awesome God, let me suggest some bold print headlines that will be written for those with eyes to see.

Let me share with you four headlines that the news of 2013 will present to us before it is over. It may not appear on the front page of the Times, but it will be written for those with eyes to see:


The Impossible Becomes the Possible 


~ through Faith in God.


A. Faith works in the fiscal realm like it does in the spiritual realm. Phil. 4:19


B. Faith works for you just like it worked for Jesus.   John 14:12


C. Faith works for this church just like it did for the early church. Matthew 16:18


God Brings Good News Out of Bad News

~for Those Loving Him and Answering the Call to His Purposes.  Romans 8:28


~you have the Greater One with the good news who will surpass the lessor one with the bad news.1 John 4:4

~Share a story of God's love being shown in the clean up efforts of Hurricane Sandy. We need to see God at work helping people hit by the storm rather than trying to convince people God sent the storm to judge them. 

-Paul wrote to the Romans that we overcome evil with good. We do this because of the God who is good who lives within us.



Wrongdoers Experience Grace and Live New Lives

~through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

~this is the nature of the Gospel. It has the power to change lives so we must keep proclaiming it. Romans 1:16

~Include testimony of someone who was saved in 2012 and how that changed their life. Or even have someone share a two-three minute testimony at this time.


HEADLINE FOUR- People Experience Peace in the Storm

~through God's powerful presence.

~the disciples in the storm when Jesus was asleep. He is restfully with us in every storm as well.

~share a story of God's presence with someone going through a tough time in 2012 and encourage people that God will be faithful in 2013.

Conclusion– The truth is that each and every year these same headlines have proven and will prove to be true. Because our God is a God is a promise keeping God and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


We need to live with these Good News headlines before us at all times.

Blessings to You in 2013,

Eddie Lawrence

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