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Most likely you are aware of the value of the Nave's Topical Bible and may even have a hard copy. What I am offering is a MS Word version and a PDF version. This makes it easy for you to copy and paste into your own material. Below are a couple of examples of some of the entries to let you see how easy it is to build a message from the ideas contained. All the scripture references are in blue so that is helpful as well.



-A characteristic of the wicked Proverbs 2:17Isaiah 65:11

-Backsliders guilty of Jeremiah 2:323:21

-Is forgetting his covenant Deuteronomy 4:232 Kings 17:38

-Works Psalm 78:711106:13

-Benefits Psalm 103:2106:7

-Word Hebrews 12:5James 1:25

-Law Psalm 119:153176Hosea 4:6

-The people of God Psalm 137:5

-Past deliverances Judges 8:34Psalm 78:42

-Power to deliver Isaiah 51:13-15

-Encouraged by false teachers Jeremiah 23:27

-Prosperity leads to Deuteronomy 8:12-14Hosea 13:6

-Trials should not lead to Psalm 44:17-20

-Resolve against Psalm 119:1693

-Cautions against Deuteronomy 6:128:11

-Exhortation to those guilty of Psalm 50:22

-Punishment of Job 8:1213Psalm 9:17Isaiah 17:1011Ezekiel 23:35 ; Hosea 8:14

-Threatened Job 8:13Psalm 9:1750:22Isaiah 17:10Jeremiah 2:32Hosea 8:14




-Call of, by an angel Judges 6:1114

-His excuses Judges 6:15

-Promises of the Lord to Judges 6:16

-Angel attests the call to, by miracle Judges 6:21-24

-He destroys the altar of Baal, and builds one to the Lord Judges 6:25-27

-His prayer tests Judges 6:36-40

-Leads an army against and defeats the Midianites Judges 6:33-3578:4-12

-Reproaches the Ephraimites for not joining in the campaign against the Midianites

Judges 8:1-3

-Avenges himself upon the people of Succoth Judges 8:14-17

-Israel desires to make him king; he refuses Judges 8:2223

-Makes an ephod which becomes a snare to the Israelites Judges 8:24-27

-Had seventy sons Judges 8:30

-Death of Judges 8:32

-Faith of Hebrews 11:32

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