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You’ll be Able To Get Ready for Your Sermons

Each Week in a Fraction of the Normal Time

it Takes… and Without all the Last Minute Frustration, Burnout, Deadlines,

and Stress Preachers have to Face.


FOR Just $3.97!

Dear Friend,

There is a catch - yes, I’m going to give you for $3.97 an entire month’s worth of our preaching packages which contains over 100 pages of sermons and preaching material if you do me a favor.

Listen: I have recently put the finishing touches on a hot new preacher’s resource that I think will positively impact your life and your preaching and Bible teaching ministry. And there are two ways I can prove to you that it will do just that… talk about it, or let you try it out for almost nothing.

I’d rather let you "sample" this wonderful new solution for the constant demand upon you for new sermon material than to talk about it til I’m blue in the face.

So here’s the deal - I’m just going to "persuade" you with an irresistible offer instead - I’ll give you - a boatload of bonus material that you definitely will use as your incentive… AND… to sweeten the deal even more… let you test out my weekly sermon subscription service for a measly $3.97 for the first 30 days. Then, if you decide to stay subscribed you can continue at the very low monthly rate of $9.97.


What You’ll Get Access
To The First 30 Days

1. Each Monday morning we send out a preacher’s package containing five sermons with outlines, notes, introductions, illustrations, quotes, word-studies and more. The sermons are much more developed than just simple outlines with a few notes.

2. The sermons are delivered in MS Word format and are easy to adapt, edit, and personalize.

3. The sermon outlines are laid out so that they are easy to use as they are.

4. The sermons are built to be relevant, biblically centered, Christ-honoring, expositionally accurate, and challenging.

5. This service is geared to provide sermons that pastors can preach as they are; or, they can customize them further as they desire.

6. We have gotten and continue to get wonderful feedback from our subscribers.

7. Since five sermons are sent out weekly, pastors are able to build a sermon library which allows them lots of choices to fit the needs of their individual congregations and the various speaking opportunities that arise.

8. Many  of the sermons are built by Eddie Lawrence who has a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Expository preaching.

9. Users are allowed to use the sermons as they desire for their own personal non-commercial use.

10. The package is basically access to your own research and development service for a very modest monthly fee which is less than you would pay for a book at a bookstore.





Plus, Don’t Forget About What
You Get Immediate Access To Today



For those who try our $3.97 trial, we desire to get you off to a great start,
so we offer you the following bonuses which you will receive immediately at sign-up.



Sign up and start now! In a matter of minutes you will have lots of original sermons to use.





"Sign up, look at the materials you get instantly. Go through them immediately. If after ten minutes, you don’t feel you’ve already gotten your money’s worth…. please contact me….and I will return every penny of your purchase…quietly and promptly….No questions asked. You only stand to gain by acting on this immediately….better still take a full 30 days to check it out and I will still give you your money back. I only want satisfied people receiving these packages." 

Yes I Want In!

Send me all the bonus materials, a free preacher’s package and a whole month’s worth of weekly preacher’s packages, all for only $3.97. I understand that if I want to continue receiving the weekly packages after the first month, then I will pay the normal regular bargain price of $9.97 per month. If I do not wish to continue, I may cancel my subscription at any time.

All the order process is safe and secure through Pay Pal.



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