Men with Burning Hearts



by Eddie Lawrence
Text: Luke 24:13-32

A lot of men have heart-burn but how many have hearts that burn?

The walk to Emmaus – Did not our hearts burn within us?

Notice these four components of a burning heart:
1. Walking with Jesus – They took a walk that changed their lives.

2. Talking with Jesus
 – They shared with him the things that were going on in their lives.

3. Receiving from Jesus
 – They allowed him to anchor them in the Word.

4. Seeing Jesus
 – They had their eyes opened to who Jesus really was. It was him all the time, they just did not know it. For us it is the same, so many times it has been him that stepped into our lives to help us on our journey, to bring clarity to our lives.

-It is in the breaking of the bread (receiving Christ)   that our eyes are opened.

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