Living The Thanks Filled Life!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner so these thoughts could be used for a stand alone message for Thanksgiving as well as the third message in the three part series the last three posts have referenced. Let’s jump in and I’ll give you some bullet points to mull over for inclusion in the sermon idea Living the Thanks Filled Life.

  • Illustration of a water balloon. If you gouge it, what pops out? WATER of course. When someone gouges you, what pops out? Is it thanksgiving? Paul said in everything give thanks….1 Thess. 5:18
  • We give thanks in every circumstance not necessarily for every circumstance.
  • True thanksgiving is really thanksliving.
  • Think of one person you looked in the eye today and really expressed thanks to them for something they did or have done. Can you think of someone? If so, good for you. If not, ……
  • Being thankful is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
  • An attitude of gratitude is a sign of humility.
  • Never being thankful is a sign of pride.
  • A pig eating acorns in the pigpen never thinks about looking up at the tree where the acorns came from.
  • Challenge your people to try the thanksgiving test. Wherever they work, or with their family, or at school, etc.,  encourage them to purposely express thanksgiving to three people tomorrow and see how it affects the atmosphere (office, home school,etc.).
  • Think of the most under-appreciated person at your job and go to them and plant some seeds of appreciation in their lives.
  • Let’s take the second mile thanksgiving test—Think of something bad that has happened to you, now try really hard on this one, think of what there is that you can thank God for in that circumstance.
  • Some questions for you to ponder as you work on this message….What is it about giving thanks that so affects us? What does giving thanks change? What dos it do in our relationship with God?
  • The Bible says the plowing of the wicked is sin. Could it be because that person is using God,s dirt, rain, seed, and sunshine and never says “Thanks”?
  • In the Old Testament they gave “Thanks” offerings. What could we do to make our giving more meaningful?

A simple outline I suggest to you is:

I. The Sphere of Thanksgiving (In everything….)
II. The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving (give thanks… It is a gift we give. It acknowledges we have received something and we appreciate it. It demonstrates our dependence on another)
III. The Seriousness of Thanksgiving (It is God’s will)

Thanks for reading the post! Blessings!

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