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We come now to the second in the mini-series out of 1 Thess. 5:16-18

Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.”

Most everyone in our congregations knows that prayer is important. Yet, you can almost hear the “Yawns” when the subject is announced. The “worn-out” subject of prayer deserves an overhaul.

How can you present the subject in a way that might just cause people to reconsider prayer and see it as an exciting subject?

Think of a trailer for an action adventure movie. What comes to my mind is introducing some scenarios where danger is lurking and rescue is needed and then leave the audience hanging until the end. Put on your producer/director hat and imagine with me a minute or two. You have tons of material you can use from your everyday life. Let me give you a starter or two to mull over:

“She had not planned it. It caught her completely off guard. She sat wringing her hands in the hospital waiting room. The hallway beyond her was filled with the chatter of passing conversations and the clicking of people walking up and down the tiled corridor. She kept looking up through the door to the end of the long hallway. There was the set of double doors that led into the cardiac surgery area. Beyond those doors, she knew that doctors were doing all men could do to spare the life of her husband of 41 years. She looked at her watch. It was 6:21 p.m. On a normal Weds evening at this time, she and her husband would be pulling into the church parking lot. She thought of her husband and his love for God. She bowed her head, uttered a prayer. She knew that God was really the only One who could bring her husband back through those double doors alive. What would happen? She whispered another prayer……”

“He felt so inadequate, he knew that one of the couples who were dear friends were on the verge of a divorce. A teenager would be listening to him for the first time since she had tried to end her own life. A mother who just received news that her son on the foreign battlefield had been seriously injured needed to know how to hold up. Still another young couple who held the hope of having a child was told just yesterday that they would be unable to conceive and they had asked him to explain why such a thing would happen to them. Another lady had been crying herself to sleep each night for a week because her husband had started drinking again. Yes, the man thought to himself, I cannot meet all these needs. God, you;ve got to give me the words to give to these people. The Pastor waited as he worked on the message he would be preaching in less than 24 hrs.”

“A little boy bowed at his bedside and prayed simply, “Jesus, please help Daddy and Mommy to stop yelling at each other and at me.” He needed God to hear and help. What would the little boy do? What would God do?”

Transition–All of us have asked that question, “God, what are you going to do?”

These are a few ideas to start a message, don’t give the conclusion of the stories till the end. Pause and teach on The Prayer Filled Life. Praying without ceasing is living in an atmosphere of prayer and dependency on God at all times. Lead people to see prayer as they would view their own breathing. It sustains them. It helps them to stay God focused and builds their faith to believe and know that God is there and at work.

You can conclude the message by finishing the stories and sharing what God did, the grace He gave, the different ways He worked and answered the prayers.

Some ways you could present praying without ceasing:

Don’t Push the Pause Button on Your Prayerlife.
-Think of your prayerlife as your sharelife–You share with God and God shares with you.
-See Praying as Sowing Seed. You invest in a future harvest for you and others when you pray.
-The Partnership of Prayer. God has established that He works in concert with a praying man or woman.

-The Holy Spirit in you knows everything, let Him lead the prayer meeting when you pray.
-Praying without ceasing is not about praying long and loud, it is about connecting with God and staying online.
-Do you want dial-up or DSL for your prayerlife?

Hope there is something here to give you an idea or two. Blessings!

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