Living the Joy Filled Life!


I am following my last post with this idea for you. By keeping your “Three Simple Truths” message brief and very pointed, you could then follow it with three separate and more detailed messages. In other words, make the introductory message more inspirational and then follow it up with three more informational messages.

This could be a great series for Sunday morning, evening, mid-week or just three services in a row during the week.

The first message could be something like:

Living the Joy Filled Life!

Here are some random ideas on how to approach this sermon:

  • What joy is…
  • What joy isn’t…
  • The difference between happiness and joy. I like the illustration where happiness is referred to as a thermometer that responds to what is happening around it….and….joy is referred to as a thermostat that changes the atmosphere around it. I forgot where I first heard this illustration. I think it may have been Dr. Adrian Rogers. Anyway, it is a good illustration that points out the difference between the two.
  • How joy and sorrow can coexist…
  • Why faking happiness and denying sorrow is not biblical…
  • The source of joy… (Jesus came that our joy might be full)
  • Do you think of Jesus as someone who radiated joy to the people around him? Should you?  (YES)
  • The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy….
  • Have fun describing and DEMONSTRATING the opposite of joy seen in the complainer, criticizer, etc. Loosen up and let your folks see you have a little fun–be joyful!
  • Peter and James in their Epistles encourage us to rejoice in the midst of trial…
  • Share an example of someone you have seen demonstrate authentic joy in the midst of trial…
  • How joy can help you through the trial….(Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before him)

These are just seed ideas for you to consider. You will be able to craft into a great sermon with your own flavor and style. In the next post we will move to Living the Prayer Filled Life.  Blessings!
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