Love The Hell Out of Them

Recently at one of the Tuesday morning men’s small group gatherings I host at my home (6:30 a.m. by the way, so great will be our reward in Heaven!), we were discussing God’s heart toward people. One of the men, a regular at our meeting, shared with us that what we needed to learn to do was to "Love the Hell out of people!" We all chuckled, but knew he was right.

Isn’t that what Jesus came to do? Isn’t that the great motive of God? Is this not His intention for we who are the "church"?

-For God so loved the world….
-By this shall all men know that you are my disciples….
-Love never fails….
-Love your enemies….

How are we doing on "Loving the Hell out of people?" If we somehow could throw back our religious indoctrination and dare to risk a peek at the "unreligousized" (is that a word?) version of Jesus, we would be forced to admit he was a fantastic man who loved the Hell out of people. His unadulterated, unhypocritical version of love recruited people for Heaven. The pull of Heaven in his own heart got hold of others. They concluded, "If this is how God really feels about me, I want in!" He braved the adventure of touching the untouchable. He cast a vote for the outcast. He rushed in to people the teachers of "truth" were rushing away from. He voiced forgiveness to the judged and condemned. He offered hope to those barred from the world of religion around them. He brought light to the dark places.

Whenever a harsh word flowed from his lips, it usually had as its mark the ears of the religious who bowed their knees to the appearance of man and clutched to their own rendition of God. Jesus demonstrated disgust at the mess men had made out of God’s true heart. He brought the message of a loving, compassionate, forgiving Father to a world full of run away sons and daughters. Yep, he loved the Hell out of ’em.

I grant you, there are times when it may be necessary to try to scare the Hell out of folks but most of our attempts at this end in failure because there is a hint of satisfaction in our voice and a sparkle in our eye when we do it. This reveals our loveless hearts which we try to hide beneath our black judges robes. No, it is the love filled heart, the quivering voice, and the tear stained cheek that will more effectively convey the loving heart of God that desires to rescue His wayward kids. May Father help us to truly and authentically love the Hell out of people.

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