List of Sermon Title and Starter Ideas!


Occasionally I will just give you a bullet list of several sermon titles and starter ideas. Enjoy these:

  • What do you have to believe to be an atheist? This could be an interesting title and introductory question. The first preposition of the atheist is that all things came into being without any outside creative agency. That takes faith…
  • If churches were football teams— which ones would make it to the playoffs? Develop a list of characteristics that a winning team (church) would have.

  • The Church and the Chicken that Crossed the Road—We all have heard the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Answer: To get to the other side. Sometimes the church seems to focus only on getting to the other side and doesn’t see the need to touch all the hurting people going up and down the road.
  • When little boys hear what old men can’t– The story of Samuel hearing the voice of the Lord during the days of Eli. The word of the Lord was rare, yet God chose to speak to a little boy. A good message on learning to hear like a child could be very powerful.
  • Requirements for an open heaven- Study the occasion that Jacob had his dream. Compare this to what Jesus taught about the angels ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. Some great lessons to encourage people to focus on Jesus so that the Heaven will open and God will speak and the angels will minister.
  • What makes the Devil Mad? Good question that could lead to a very interesting sermon. It could be followed by a message on what makes the Devil Glad or what makes God glad. Have fun with the idea…
  • Reluctant but Obedient–Jesus tells the story of a son who said would do what his father wanted him to do, but he didn’t do it. Then the son who said he wouldn’t but then he did. You get the drift. It is better to obey when you don’t want too than not to obey at all. People need to know it is part of our humanity to struggle with doing what is right. Reluctance is just proof that we are still this side of heaven. It is doing right anyway that is proof that we have obeyed. Most all of us have been in such a place many times. There should be no shortage of ways to apply this and illustrate it.
  • Finding Diamonds in the Rough—Research how diamonds are mined as an introduction. The eye has to be trained to see what the a diamond in the rough. Talk about the value of a diamond and how they have to be broken for their brilliance to shine forth. The New Testament is filled with examples where Jesus saw diamonds in the rough. It will be easy to pick three of them out and apply them to your audience.
  • Unsolved Mysteries—If the staff of the TV show by the same name where to go the Bible, what mysteries could they use to make a great series of programs. Might make a good series of sermons too.
  • Three minutes with Moses—This could be another great series. If you had three minutes with Moses, what would you want to ask him? Think of other Bible characters and apply the same question.

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  1. I appreciate what you are doing with this site by helping out pastors. Not enough time in the day for them it seems. Spread the gospel…

  2. Eddie says:

    Bless you Anthony for your work in spreading the good news about Jesus.

  3. Ethel says:

    My brother God bless you and your ministry. I appreciate your work.

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