I Hear the Birds Again — Devotional



The last six months of my life have been filled with tremendous change, challenge, pain, humiliation, and introspection. I have made a deep core level commitment to allow the season to have its way in me. I know God is at work in all of this. He didn’t order it, but He did issue a change order.

What Satan meant for evil, God is now using for good. There is no higher court to overrule the plans and purposes of God.

It seems I have experienced a lifetime of lessons in this short season all of which have been birthed on the doorstep of my failure. One little thing they may seem trite to others is that "I can hear the birds again."

I don’t know where along the way that I became deaf to them. In my mad rush mentality always thinking of the hundred things I needed to do, I ran hither and yon oblivious to the life message of singing birds.

Now, however, I begin each day with a birdsong. I arise from my place of sleep. I go to the coffee pot and pour a cup of Java. I walk back into my study and raise the window to the outside world and listen to the morning songs of the birds. A lot of mornings I will actually go out into the yard, wipe the dew off a seat and sit in their midst. I love it! I had forgotten what a beautiful sound comes from the singing birds that live all around us.

Each chirp, chord, and feathered sonnet is a testimony to the goodness of God. Jesus taught us that not a bird falls to the ground without Father’s knowledge. We are worth much more to Father than the birds. I can release a song in the morning or in the mourning. Come rain or shine, I can know God cares about me. He is working all things together for my good. He is at work in my life both to will and do according to His good pleasure.

The roller coaster I have been riding really is going somewhere and not just in circles.

I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Therefore, I will expect it.
I will look for it.
I will search for it.
I will wait for it.
I will relish it when it arrives for it shall arrive.

God is no promise breaker! Every song of the birds now reminds me of His goodness and plans for my life. I am happy that I am able to live in a slower mode now. It has helped me to hear the birds again. They were there all the time, but I had stopped hearing them. Now they are a concert of encouragement to me each day as I arise.

If a creature that gets excited about a worm for breakfast can release such joy, then how could I do less? Through God’s grace the birds find their next worm, and I find a new song arising in my own heart. Sing on birds and I will join you in praise of a loving, forgiving, grace-giving, merciful Father in Heaven!

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