Hummingbird Christians!


This summer I became a watcher of hummingbirds and have been fascinated by them. I even wrote a blog that a lot of folks have commented on in my personal GraceFoundMe.com blog. You can read the particular post if you like by clicking here.

As our weather here in Northern Alabama has started to cool just a bit, I started to wonder about where hummingbirds mingrate in winter. In my study I discovered they most of them fly and reside in a range between Southern Mexico and Panama in Central America. I thought of the Ruby Throated hummingbirds I have watched at my feeder and the long journey ahead of them.

I read where some of them will fly over the Gulf of Mexico and it may take them 22 hrs to do it. I have to admit, tears came to my eyes as I thought about the flight before them. I’ve become tenderhearted toward them. That’s a lot of flapping for my little Ruby Throated friends who move their wings at about 57 beats per second. Maybe most of them will find an oil rig to land on so they can get a rest.

Interestingly, they will return to the same feeders here in my yard next year according to what I read. They migrate to avoid the cold and to live where there is abundant food. They are driven by their hunger. They have to drink nectar constantly. What I did not know is this–the nectar they drink is just for fuel to give them the energy to find the insects that they feed on to live. I had wondered how they live on the sweet nectar alone, well, they don’t. I had thought, “No wonder they buzz around like they do. They are on a sugar high!” But they are little a carnivores for the most part.

The hummingbirds use the nectar to help them get the meat. I began to think of a lot of applications for this to the Christian life. I will refrain from my list. You will have your own and may want to develop it into a message about Hummingbird Christians.

Study to show yourself approved, don’t just wing it! Pun is intended…… Blessings and buzzes.

PS — I have given you a link here to a small clip of a hummingbird in slow motion at a feeder. These little guys are amazing.

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