Humiliated — Devotional



Humiliated! We react to the word. It is the picture of someone bullying someone else and breaking them down in front of others in order to embarrass them.

Embarass! Look at the word and draw your own conclusions. To say the least, we are laid bare before others and it is emotionally painful.

Painful! To have the inrush of sensation to the body that sends the message, something is wrong. Doubt it? Just hit your finger with a hammer and see what how your body interprets it. Please don’t take that last sentence of advice. I have lately been reminded of the different "kinds" of pain, especially emotional pain.

Emotional Pain! Knowing you have hurt lots of people. Knowing you have made choices that are destructive. Knowing that you have hypocritically betrayed what you really believed….for what??? Knowing that the pedestal has been kicked from beneath you and the crowds are staring at the mess. Knowing that people’s minds flood with questions about you…questions they used to never ask. Knowing you have broken trust and hurt the ones you love. Discovering that those you expected to lean on dared not risk association with you lest they be accused of being too merciful.

Merciful! Aw, yes. Now there’s a word. A gift. A release. A moment of hope. "Where are you Mercy?" the broken heart cries out. Mercy replies, "I will meet you in your humiliation. Your tears of repentance signal me that you are ready for me to come."

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