How to Choose the Right Gift–Sermon Outline



How to Choose the Right Gift
John 3:16

What makes a great gift?
Let’s look at God’s first Christmas gift to us and see if we can discover some ideas to help us give a great gift to someone we love.
We will use an acronym of the word "GIFT" to guide us.

It is:


Gospel is good news.
Good will toward men.
Something the person can use.
Something the person will cherish.
Not second hand or cheap.


It is special.
It reaveals your heart to someone else.
Intimacy has been defined as In-to-me-see!
Jesus was thinking of us.
Father so loved US that He gave…
The gift of Christ reveals God’s heart toward us.


Freely given not out of obligation.
No strings attached.
It costs you nothing to recieve it.
It is free to the reciever but very costly to the giver.

In the fullness of time, God sent forth His Son…
Now is the time of salvation (time to recieve the gift)

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