Help! I’m Discouraged!



Help! I’m Discouraged!
by Eddie Lawrence
If someone approached you because you were a fellow believer and said, “I need help. I’m battling with discouragement.” How would you respond to them? What are the things you would encourage them to do? I asked my weekly Men’s Bible Study small group this question, and here are some of the things that emerged.
1.  Ask A Few Questions To Discern The Primary Source(s) Of Their Discouragement.

-This should be the first step to help you know where to begin.
-Remember to be a good listener as they respond to your questions.
a. How long have you been discouraged?
b. Do you know when it began or why it began?
c. What seems to be the biggest concern for you right now?
d. Are you offended at anyone and struggling with forgiving them?
e. What situation are you facing that you cannot control?

-These are just a few questions. Just be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let Him quide you as you interact with your struggling friend. Or if this is for you personally, then pay attention to what is going on inside of you as you move through this and ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

2. Level The Ground By Letting Them Know You Have Had Seasons Of Struggle.
-I personally know of no one who has not struggled with some discouragement, at least no honest person.
-Don’t steal the show and make it about the problems you overcame but briefly share with the person that you do not judge or condemn them for struggling because you too know what it is like.
-Remind them that Jesus Himself is touched with the feeling of their infirmities and invites them to come to His throne room to receive grace and mercy.
-The purpose of this is to reveal God’s willing heart of love as well as yours to help them.
-Remember that their pain is real so do not minimize it or come across as being preachy religious.
-They do not need a cliché’ but a friend who will speak the truth in love.
3. Look For Any Lie That You May Have Believed About Self Or God.
-Often discouragement is a result of not seeing the truth clearly.
-The truth is God does not forsake or abandon His children.
-The truth is a person’s acceptance rests on Jesus’ finished work not their own performance.
-The truth is God is love and does not condemn.
-The truth is God will work all things together for good in the lives of His children.
4. Remind Them Of Who God Says They Are.
-You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
-You are unconditionally loved.
-You are totally accepted.
-You are fully forgiven.
-You are a child of God with destiny and purpose.
-Approaching God as a child being his/her Father makes it easier to receive from God and silences the enemy who hates the very idea of family.
5. Jesus Is The Peace Giver.
-Remind them that peace is found in a person – Jesus.
-Discouragement means peace has been forfeited due to some circumstance, person, or event.
6. Think Life Giving Thoughts
-Negative thinking yields negative everything else – emotions, attitudes, health, etc.
-As a man thinketh….so is he. If you think discouragement, you get discouragement.
-Discouragement can be a war against your mind.
-Choose to magnify God not theproblem.
-A big problem means you have a little God. A little problem means you have a big God.
-Can God or Can He not, handle your problem if you trust Him with it?
7. Be Intentionally Grateful Reflecting On God’s Goodness.
-This is one singular way that you can run discouragement out of town.
-The enemy does not want you to remember how faithful and good God is to you. He wants you to think God has forgotten you and is mad at you.
-Remember Paul and Silas in jail praising God in the midst of trouble? And what happene? ….Victory!
8. Remind Them The Only True Christian Life Is The Grace Life.
-All of us have to receive from God the grace we need for each circumstance. If we do not, we can become discouraged.
-Remember He is willing to give grace and mercy and the grace He gives is always enough.
-Also remember that grace is for now. You don’t get tomorrow’s grace today. Worry wants you to live in the tomorrows of “what if?” It is grace that will neutralize discouragement and it comes from God when we ask confidently in faith trusting His good heart toward us. (Heb. 4:13-16)
9. Remind Them They Have The Power To Change But Cannot Change What Others Do.
-Don’t allow what others do or do not do to determine how you are going to live your life.
-You are responsible and have the privilege of knowing God will help you to do whatever it is you need to do.
10. Remember That Faith Works By Love.
-As you help your friend, do it out of love and compassion for them.
-They probably know the bible verses and even know deep down that they have to surrender all this to God, so what they need is for their faith to rise up. So in order to help move them to the place of really trusting God you choose to love. When someone does want to pray anymore, or read their bible anymore, or worship anymore, they need to be loved. This is how God won us. He loved us to Himself. As you minister out of God’s love, then their heart can be warmed and will begin turning to God in trust.
11.  Spend Time Worshipping God And Bathing In His Presence.
-In His presence there is fullness of joy.
-In His presence there is refreshing and peace.
-In His presence you experience what you were created to experience.
-God has not gone anywhere, but choosing to be aware that He is with you, and leaning your heart toward Him is the best thing you can do in any situation.
-Find your resting place in Him once again. This is the place that shelters you from all the storms of life.
12. Surrender It All To God.
-Ultimately there is a point in time, when a person, by faith, in simple trust, releases it all into the hands of God.
-Ask the person, if you can pray with them, and lead them to the point of giving it all to God. Or, encourage them to get alone in a quiet place and give it all to God.
-Simply pray something like, “Lord I trust you with this problem. I release all the anxiety and discouragement to you. I believe that Jesus blood as secured me the place to come with confidence. I receive your mercy and grace to help me now. In Jesus name. Amen.”
-Remember to follow up with your struggling friend and pray for them often.
Conclusion: There are certainly many more suggestions which could be added to this topic, but the dozen items above will be helpful to someone who is struggling with discouragement.

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