The Thunder of His Silence


A great idea for a sermon title popped into my head this morning as I was reading a journal entry which my wife had just finished writing on her blog. You know how it is as a preacher, we are always on the alert for a new way to say something. Afterall, saying the same old things the same old way will cause U-Haul gift certificates to start arriving in the mail at the parsonage!

It is important that we stay fresh and on the cutting edge of sharing the truth of God’s Word. The title that popped into my mind forms the title of this post, “The Thunder of His Silence!” Immediately, a person understands what the subject is and more than likely will want to hear more. This is one of the main purposes of a good sermon title.

Who among us has not struggled with understanding seasons when we “feel” as if God is not speaking to our circumstances. We need direction and it doesn’t seem to come….

Anyway, what my wife wrote is very touching and profound.  It is more than a sermon starter for sure. It is a life giving and challenging message in and of itself. I encourage you to read it by clicking here.

Take the title, “The Thunder of God’s Silence!” and develop an encouraging word for yourself and then deposit it into your audience. More than likely, this title has already been preached many times. It was a new way of saying that came to my mind. If it is for you, take it and run with it. Blessings and email this site to your preacher friends.

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