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Every Bible Preacher and Teacher needs material to illustrate their sermons and lessons. This resource can be kept at your fingertips to supply you with a wealth of ideas, illustrations, Scripture references and even sermon outlines. For a very small investment it provides a really big benefit. Just look through the brief sampling below of a few entries found under the letter "B" and you can get an idea of what is in this resource that can be quickly downloaded to your computer.


Backsliding, Cost of. Gen. 29. Jacob not forsaken of God but permitted to reap shame and sorrow of self chosen way.
Backsliding. Gen. 13. Lot gets his eyes on material wealth, losesfellowship with Abram, brings trouble upon himself and family.
Backsliding Steps in. Matt. 26.
1. Boastfulness (v. 33-35).
2. Unwatchfulness (v. 40).
3. Prayerlessness (v. 41. 45).
4. Fleshly service (v. 51; Jn. 18:10).
5. Following afar off (v. 58).
6. Fellowship with enemies (v. 69; Lk. 22:54).
7. Open denial (v. 70-75).
Backsliding The cost of. Lk. 15:11-32. God has to bankrupt us when we wander from Him in order to bring us back to Himself. Many Christians for a time feed on swine's food, but cannot be satisfied by it.
Bereavement a means of bringing one to know God and His Word. 1 Kgs. 17 :17-24. God's power revealed.
Bereavement Jesus our comfort in. Lk. 7 :1218. May get a blessing if we meet Jesus on the road. He meets us in our saddest journeys and brings us hope. Do not let sorrow unfit for service (v. 13).
Bible An unread. 2 Kgs 22-23. An unread Bible is a lost Bible and a lost Bible means spiritual degeneracy and accompanying curses.
When one finds his lost Bible it is quick to find him. Sin keeps one from the Bible or the Bible keeps one from sin.
Bible Study. Josh. 1. Joshua one of the busiest men, told to meditate on it and talk it (v. 8). True courage comes from being linked up to God's Word and obeying it. Bible verses saved Joshua from re
Blessing of God. Gen. 48. Jacob blesses contrary to Joseph's wish. God in His grace does not always observe order of nature in bestowing His blessings, nor prefer those we think fittest. Chooses weak
to confound mighty.
Blessing Remembering. 2 Chron. 20 :26. Valley of Berachah, lit. "Blessing. " (Modern Bible class name "Baraca" taken from this). Was perpetuated for encouragement of others to trust God and to remind us that our praises should be as oft repeated as our prayers.
Blessings after times of stress. 1 Kgs. 18 :42-46. Little cloud
size of a man's hand. Great blessings may arise from small beginnings.
Blessings Spiritual and temporal. Josh. 15 :19. Blessings of upper springs illustrate those which relate to our souls and those of the nether springs speak of those which relate to the body and the life which now is.
This eBook contains 113 pages of illustrations, outlines, tidbits, and topical Scripture references. This can be used in many ways to aid your Bible study and teaching:
  • A place to fish for sermon ideas
  • A place to find great illustrations for your sermon
  • A resource that will connect different Scriptures together for you around a common topic
  • A treasure chest of material that illustrates how Old Testament characters reveal truths about New Testament truth.
  • This is also great for that short devotional you need to share at a gathering. Any of these entries gives you plenty of material for a short talk.
  • A creativity booster. Just reading through the list, your mind will begin to pop with ways you can use the information in your preaching/teaching ministry.
  • A big time saver for sure!


Being a preacher for the last 28 years, I know how important it is for material to be presented in a way that is easy to access and and understand. I have reformatted Rev. Brooks original work by converting some of the entries to outline form which preachers love.  I also have made all the entry headings in bold, and hyperlinked the beginning of each section of the alphabet to make it all more accessible. This resource is worth the cost just for the outlines that are in it. 


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