Grace is in the Air — Devotional


by Eddie Lawrence

Yesterday morning we experienced a grace gathering at our house. We call it a grace gathering because it was a gathering for people needing and hungry for the message of grace. We are looking for a permanent location which we will call Grace House. It was absolutely wonderful.

An open air meeting on a beautiful morning.
A soft breeze bringing a cool wind.
The smell of doughnuts and pastries mingling with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
The chirping of birds in the background.
The sound of crunching gravel as cars turned off the highway and started winding down our long driveway.
The sight of people walking up the road and grassy hillside with a Bible in their hand and their kids in tow.
The chatter of conversation as people greeted one another and exchanged hugs.
The sounds of laughter, chuckles, and children shouting.
Watching Charlie work the crowd. Charlie is our hyper-social dog.
Blossoming flowers providing some specs of brilliant color and beauty.
People unfolding lawn chairs in the shade.
The sound of worship being released.
It was like a Biblestock event.
People under trees with their hands in the air.
The beautiful melody and rhythm of music and love given to God.
Lines of people coming to receive communion.
The broken bread given.
The bread dipped in the cup.
The realization of the cross.
Teaching given on Early Church Realities.
A restored broken struggling preacher starting again.
A pattern for the new was shared.
Children grouped outside learning about Jesus.
Little kids in a room having a blast working with their hands and being loved.
Teenagers across the road in a basement learning about being champions.
Lots of fellowship to go around for everybody.
Relationships being formed, renewed, deepened.
People receiving prayer.
Tear stained faces.
Grateful smiles.
Informal, very casual, but truly meaningful.
People reluctant to leave.
People planning lunch together.
We all knew we wanted to do it again and that things would never be the same.
Adventure was in the air.
Love was in the air.
Grace was in the air.

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